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Student Testimony (What our students say...)
If you want to know what it’s really like at the School, who better to ask than existing students? All the students below were Tabindah Alumni. This is what they thought about their time at the School.

“I never truly expected to do as well as I did, but I put in the work for it and that just goes to show that hard work really does pay off. The teachers really helped me to do well too, because they are willing to work very hard in order to help you improve, provided that you put the effort in yourself as well.”

Ahmad Ayaz (ex-TABINDAH School student)

“I have met lots of new, like-minded people during my time at school, and I have been inspired by the subjects I have studied. I've been very lucky to have been taught by people who are passionate about their studies and who have transferred that passion onto their students. All my teachers have been unbelievably helpful and supportive.”

Aysha Batool (ex-TABINDAH School student)

“The people have been the best thing about my time at College; I've made so many great friends here. The teaching is great and there is a lot of educational support."

Faisal Adeem (ex-TABINDAH School student)

“By attending TMHS, I have gained independence by being put in a new environment with new people and this has set me up for College/University. I made use of the facilities available such as the library in my free periods, using my independent time to study.”

Abdullah Jameel (ex-TABINDAH School student)

“During my time at School, I enjoyed the opportunity to be more independent and take control of my own learning, meeting a whole new group of friends and doing only the subjects that interest and matter to me. I liked the freedom to be able to fit my independent study/ revision around my own out-of-school activities. I found that the teachers being less formal than school made them more approachable and they were really helpful in assisting me to revise effectively.”

Sobia Ahsan (ex-TABINDAH School student)

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