Tabindah Model Higher Secondary School (Reg.)



Our learning spaces and human resources support the learning of 21st century skills and individualization of learning.


At TABINDAH, teachers have the best resources to provide the highest quality instruction. We continuously research and test new and different instructional materials. This helps us stay current with emerging developments in education. We encourage teacher exploration and welcome recommendations for new resources that improve student learning.
With flexible walls and modular resources, our learning spaces are unique in themselves. They are equipped with an LCD TV and speakers for the purpose of sharing and collaborating. The spaces play an important role in the experience of our community.

 Infrastructural Facilities
 Parent Council
 After School Activities
 Infrastructural Facilities
LIBRARY   The senior school library is well stocked with reference and fiction books. Adequate provision in the time table ensures regular use of the library. Students are allowed to borrow books from the library. Two trained and qualified librarians maintain the library.

Students from primary level to Year 4 benefit from their class libraries. This facility enables teachers to inculcate a love for reading among students and also develop their reading skills. Teachers also use this facility to enhance their classroom teaching.

SCIENCE LABORATORIES   Fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs facilitate pupils to acquire investigative skills and develop scientific enquiry.

COMPUTER LAB   Separate Computer Labs are provided for Primary and Secondary classes. The computer labs have all the software required for academic purposes. Hardware and Software is continuously upgraded to cope with the latest technology and trend.

A PRAYER ROOM   is available in the School.

CANTEEN   The Canteen is clean and well stocked with healthy snacks, drinks and juices, as permitted by the Ministry.

PLAY GROUND   BOTH OPEN AND CLOSED- A spacious and well maintained play ground for basketball, and other games exists.

UNIFORMS   Uniform instills a sense of community among the students. In our constant endeavor for improvement and keeping in mind the feedback from parents regarding the current uniform, the school has decided on a providing uniform at on campus convenient shop.

COUNSELOR   Guidance and Counseling support is provided to students at the primary and secondary level. The objective of the counseling team is to mould a child into a confident, independent, emotionally stable, socially committed and well adjusted individual. Our support services also include career guidance and early intervention to students with varying developmental difficulties.

 Parent Council
Tabindah Model High school formed a Parent council to develop a holistic education for the students in our care.

The Council is an advisory group to the School which will provide input into the development of the school in conjunction with the members of the School’s Senior Management team. The objectives of this council are:

  • Promote goodwill within the parent body and the School in general.
  • Encourage participation and involvement in the activities of parent groups. The Parent Council keeping in mind the school’s mission statement in which parents can be involved in the education of their child as per the school’s statement, to encourage children to further develop skills taught in school like etiquette and manners, to be environmentally conscious, eat healthy food and inculcate reading habits.
  • Consult with parents and look for suggestions and volunteers for the following school events.
  1. International Teachers day
  2. World Food day ( a Parent stall)
  3. Interschool Events like physical Games, and Quiz etc.
  4. Sports Carnival
  5. Annual Award Ceremony
  6. Food Fiesta
  7. Community Outreach Programme
  8. Book Fair
  9. Field trips

Details of these events will be available in the School Calendar 2016-2017.

  • This membership may be amended by the Management or Principal.
  • Each member is required to serve for a period of one academic year and may thereafter be reappointed for the next.
  • Email form for contact is


  • Meetings were held at the beginning and end of each academic year and shall be headed by the School Manager or Principal
  • A meeting was conducted during the second academic term.


  • Give honest, relevant feedback supportive to the School
  • Regularly discuss matters relevant to the school with other parents so as to be fully informed
  • Be familiar with the purpose and function of the Council
  • Attend the meetings regularly
  • Keep confidential all matters discussed during meeting

* The role of the Parent Council will be limited to the points discussed in this document. Any other areas of concern need to be addressed with Heads of Departments or Principal.

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