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Faculties are fully qualified, highly experienced, dedicated and always attempt to establish the inborn qualities of every enrolled student.

Our Mission : "To Nurture talents and bring out the best of everyone."

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The TMHS, as a pro-Islamic and modern school, must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards. The school should attract the best talent – students, teachers and facilitators – from all parts of Pakistan and the world, without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status.

In addition, drawing on its traditions and its rich history, the school should aim at the broader development of the complete personality of its students by creating:

* An understanding and appreciation of Pakistan’s rich culture
* A sense of integrity, ethics, and uncompromising honesty
* A strong Islamic ethos
* Leadership, with a sense of team work and fair play
* An awareness of the environment
* A concern for the less fortunate
* A concern for human rights and democratic values
* A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure
* In realizing its mission, The TMHS should at all times be financially viable and independent.

 School Code and Policies
These codes and policies were “in our heads” and were fairly well known in the Tabindah community. Why then put them in a book? For one thing, we began to feel the need to consolidate them in one place. Also, there were codes and policies that were becoming rather hazy in our collective memory or that needed fairly drastic review. In addition, there were areas that had not been codified such as the practices governing information technology or, in academics, the understanding of plagiarism, or in publishing, a workable and succinct guide to journalistic ethics. As is usually the case in the school, many of these codes and policies were reviewed and written with the help of the students. Drafts were presented to the School Council and revisions, where necessary, were incorporated before being finally passed by the representatives of the students and teachers. It would be fair to say that their publication reflects a rather solid consensus. The handbook is meant for the students, masters, parents, and Governors of the school.

It goes without saying that the school will, from time to time, revise these codes and policies. This is the second edition of the handbook. Clearly, no handbook can be expected to incorporate every code and policy that governs school life any more than a national constitution or book of laws can encompass all the norms and prohibitions of a society. The aim here is to make available to the Tabindah community the major tenets and rules of the school.
Our well-equipped school library subscribes to a variety of newspapers and magazines and also has computers with internet connections. Being informed on current affairs is a vital link to the outside world. Every student is provided with a daily newspaper of his choice to ensure that that link is sustained.
The 10 minute break between the first and second bell refreshes their minds, stretches their limbs and gives them an opportunity to reflect on what has been taught or just chat with friends en route.
The students are assigned classrooms, while the teachers walk to their respective subject rooms at the end of each ‘class’.
The overall student/teacher ratio is 20:1, and the average strength of a class is around 20 students.
The TMHS follows a five and a half day week consisting of 40 periods (each period is referred to as a ‘school’ of 40 minutes each).
Rather than following the system of streaming the students according to their performance, they are randomly divided into sections.
 Teaching Staff
Our faculty at the TMHS enlarges the learning experience. Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group of about ten students. The interaction with this group goes beyond the usual facilitator’s role. Pastoral and counselory roles are merged, and the students benefit immensely. Occasional outings with tutors to explore the Punjab province and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between students and teachers.

Teacher training programmes organized at the main campus and workshops attended at different venues are a regular feature and ensure that the faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of education. The school is committed to increasing its teacher development programmes, both academic and non-academic.

At the TMHS, we value our most invaluable resource – our teachers. They, in turn, not only transact the curriculum, but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and a questioning, critical disposition.

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